Brick & Mortar is an incorporated nonprofit arts company dedicated to providing affordable arts space and fostering artistic collaboration, education, and community.  Across the city of Toronto, we've got you covered!

The Box - King/Bathurst

 The Attic - Queen/Greenwood

The Attic - Queen/Greenwood

 The Commons Theatre - College/ Bathurst

The Commons Theatre - College/ Bathurst

 The Commons Studio - College/Bathurst

The Commons Studio - College/Bathurst

A staggering 71% of artist and creative workers in recent studies state that their current workspace is limiting their success. We are changing that. 

 Source: CoBALT Connects

Source: CoBALT Connects

We founded The Attic and The Box independently, as artists looking to provide space for our own work. We joined forces in May 2016 to develop Brick & Mortar. Since then, our spaces have become home to over 300 small theatre companies, visual artists,dancers, musicians, photographers, and more.

A revolution is happening in the arts - in Toronto, in Canada, and beyond! Arts students once attended conservatory classes with dreams of making it to the Stratford or Shaw festivals. The emerging artist of today has a whole new dream for making it: making it their own.

A vibrant community is emerging with independently produced arts projects in intimate, unique spaces. These independent productions “are finding avid, largely local audiences, many of whom don’t necessarily identify as theatregoers, but are drawn in by the casual, fringe festival-style atmospheres” (Globe and Mail). 

The emerging artist of today has a whole new dream for making it: making it their own.

Creative Space for Creative People

Each of our studios is unique but they share a common element: the belief that artists deserve clean, beautiful space to work in. Our spaces are non-traditional theatres, with striking features, great locations, history, charm, and the support of an organization made up of artists. We specialize in the tenants of grassroots theatre: creative use of small spaces; the creative ability to problem-solve with limited resources; the intimate actor–audience dynamic; and the cross trained artist.

-Kasey Dunn and Vikki Velenosi 

Our Team

Kasey Dunn and Vikki Velenosi - Cofounders

Katy Littlejohn - Director of marketing

Board of Directors

Todd Harrison - Chair

Izad Etedami

Nicole Buscema

Alessandro Costantini

Marion Abbott

Shakeil Rollock

Peter Kelly